GoJo Auto - Amanda Gordon

Amanda Gordon


WOW, First, it is an honor to be a female in the Automotive space and I intend to make a splash. I started my career in 2002 and have yet to look back. I have been in every position from sales to finance to management and last year decided to make the move to owner so that I could really make a difference. It is my passion and purpose to educate and empower women (and men) on both sides of the table so that we have confidence when making our car purchases or if deciding to join the automotive work force. It is my goal to hire and train 100+ women before I hang my hat up and we are just getting started.

I enjoy reading, working out, girl time, hanging with my son Cash, traveling and eating. I am currently an ambassador for the Colorado Independent Automobile Association and a member of the Denver NAACP. It is crucial to our success that GoJo gives more than it takes.

GoJo Auto - Camala "Camie" Hayes

Camala "Camie" Hayes

Buyer Consultant

“I have always been fascinated with cars since I was a little girl and my passion for people grows everyday.” Camie joined our team in July of 2019 and hasn’t looked back. She had a six year residency at View House Bar and Restaurant starting as a server and working her way up to management. Her loyalty, upbeat attitude, positive nature and ability to see the bright side in every situation keeps her buyer’s smiling the entire journey. Camie is a certified dog Mommy of 2 rescues and enjoys cooking home cooked meals, trips to the dog park and meeting new like minded people at local networking events. “

GoJo Auto - Tre'Vion "Trevey" Ross

Tre'Vion "Trevey" Ross

Inventory Manager

“At only 19 years old Trevey has already been involved on the auto scene for most of his life. Trevey comes from a car family and at only 18 years old purchased his first Dodge Charger and was ready to race. He started his career journey at Carmax as an inventory manager, managing a fleet of more than 500 units. Trevey is a member of multiple car clubs and has his own youtube channel that focuses on car enthusiasts. GoJo has been elevated to a new level with him on board.”

GoJo Auto - Charlene Meyer

Charlene Meyer

Title/Office Manager

“Charlene was the very first licensed employee at GoJo Auto in 2018 and has been a friend to Amanda for years. She started her car career 25 years ago and has held every position from sales to finance. Charlene has helped build the infrastructure for multiple Independent Dealer’s that you see around town and GoJo would not function as well as we do without her. Charlene is a bonafide self expressed country girl who loves nature, animals (especially dogs and chickens) and spending time with her new fiance.”

GoJo Auto - Julie Kim

Julie Kim

Sr. Marketing Manager

“Julie joined our team early 2020 and immediately helped us dominate the digital space. Julie recently moved to Denver from Big Time Las Vegas, NV and met Amanda at a time that couldn’t have been more perfect. Julie has been a marketing master for 7 years and works not only with GoJo Auto but also manages multiple Fortune 500 accounts. Julie enjoys eating out (especially brunch), orange theory where you can catch her breaking a sweat and on the professional networking circuit meeting and mingling with like minded pros. “